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iGaming competitor analysis tool Ahrefs


Competitor research and marketing research is critical for the success of any acquisition campaign. Rather you want to set up an SEO-based affiliate network or build strong visibility for your iGaming brand. Ahrefs is a SaaS service, which allows your marketing team to get detailed information about your key market. Ahrefs, will allow you not only to dive deep into the technical marketing matrix but also to get valuable priceless data regarding the market size, affiliate, potential partners, and more.

Ahrefs builds online tools that help millions of website owners get more traffic from search engines. For over 10 years now, Ahrefs has been crawling the web, storing and processing petabytes of data. It’s now widely regarded as a must-have for top marketing professionals. Ahrefs has been crawling the internet, storing and processing petabytes of data, and fine-tuning an easy, intuitive user interface for more than ten years. It’s now widely recognized as a must-have for top marketers and a reliable companion for small business owners. Competitor analysis, keyword research, site auditing, rank monitoring, and much more are all covered by Ahrefs’ tools and features.

About Ahrefs Marketing tool

Ahrefs provides free learning materials and online SEO resources to help millions of website owners around the world get more traffic from search engines. As an internet marketer, you’ll be taking on a lot of different roles and responsibilities. You will almost certainly be using your skills to create a social media campaign that is successful and grabs an audience. You might look into providing services such as Google Adwords management, or perhaps PPC. However, one of the most important aspects of digital marketing will be SEO. SEO could be seen as the term that connects every aspect of digital marketing. Everything you do online related to the business promotion will be connected in some form to SEO. Either negatively or positively you will affect the ranking of your client’s site.

When you are using SEO for your clients, you need to know the effect it is has had on your marketing campaign. It’s important that you have a clear picture of what’s working and what perhaps needs tweaking. This won’t just benefit how efficiently your campaign operates. It will give you the chance to impress your customers with live data to show them your campaign is working.

Why Use Ahrefs Marketing tool?

There are a few tools on the market that provide this possibility. One of the latest releases is the Ahrefs SEO tool. This SEO tool offers some of the similar types of services we’ve seen from MOZ and other digital agency companies. But, how does it measure up? Is this the resource you should be using to keep your marketing business ahead of the competition? Let’s find out.

Ahrefs A Quick Overview

Straight off the bat, when you open the Ahrefs software you’ll see that the program offers a wide range of different tools. We’re going to examine these in detail but for now, let’s look at an overview. There are six different tools included in the Ahrefs package. Each one offers a different perspective when examining the success or weaknesses of your SEO campaign. The main tools are:

Ahrefs tool marketing features

  • Site Explorer
  • Positions Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Position Tracker
  • Crawl Report
  • Ahrefs Alert

The software is currently on offer for a fourteen-day free trial. That’s more than enough time for you to discover whether this is the program you want to be using for your business. The software is also on offer in a few different packages. If you get the lightest and cheapest package, you will miss out on a couple of the tools. These are the positions explorer and the content explorer. A little further down we’re going to examine why you’d be better off taking on all the tools. But really, it depends on what you are going to be using the Ahrefs package for. If your business does not complete content marketing, this might not be a major loss for you. Now, let’s have a look at what each tool offers.

Ahrefs Site Explorer Feature

Site Explorer is a backlink tool and the company claims it to be one of the best in the industry. This may well be the case because its power is impressive. The site explorer can essentially scan any site online. It will tell you what websites are linked to it and what backlinks they use. You will then be able to determine whether this is a strong website to link to your client’s site. Or, your personal site if you’re taking this on as a private individual. It’s a tool that will be incredibly useful when using link building to boost SEO. Essentially you’ll be able to find the sites with the strongest profiles to use for your own means. 

Ahrefs Positions Explorer Feature

The Positions Explorer tool is more about analyzing your competition. If you’re interested in what search keywords are ranking that your competition is using, this is the tool for you. It will give you vast amounts of data about how they’re ranking and you might be able to replicate their moves. That way, you can gain a stronger footing when you’re up against a fierce competitor.  The tool will also give you the chance to look at which of your competitors are using ads. You also examine where these ads are sourced to. It’s important to know exactly the kind of marketing campaign your competitors are running if you want to stay in the game. Positions Explorer gives you this chance.

Ahrefs Content Explorer Feature

As a marketer, you may or may not be aware of how effective, high-quality content can be. Content that captures the interest and attention of an audience can go viral. At that point, the search ranking of a site to go through the roof. We’re glad to say the Ahrefs tool recognizes the importance of content. The Ahrefs tool allows you to track easily what piece of content is getting the most backlinks and shares. Remember, if a piece of content works you can reshape it and send it out again. Content Explorer shows you what pieces you should be replicating and which ones you can forget about.

Ahrefs Position Tracker Feature

The Position Tracker is a feedback tool and it’s very useful as well as being incredibly easy to understand. In the marketing world, the impact of different promotions can change in seconds. Using the position tracker, you’ll be able to keep track of your overall status. You’ll be able to see real-time results and get breakdowns, weekly or monthly from the company. The benefit of this is it will show you whether you need to put more effort into your marketing campaign. Or, if you’re focusing the right amount of time on a particular client.

Ahrefs Crawl Report Feature

There are lots of things that can make a search ranking boom. Similarly, there are issues with your site that can impact your ranking negatively. If you want to make sure you stay on top you need to make sure you keep an eye out for problems. The trouble is that there was no way of knowing what was negatively impacting your site, until now. The crawl report is an excellent addition to your marketing tools. It will scan your website, pinpointing issues that are negatively impacting the issues on your site.

Ahrefs Alert Feature

The final tool will allow you to keep track of the client who you are representing and the competition. The Ahrefs alert tool will keep you notified when a competitor loses a backlink or when your business is mentioned online. It’s a fantastic tool for checking how brand recognition is coming along for your client. Or, which competitor is failing in their marketing campaign.

Separately, each of these tools is beneficial in its own right. Altogether, however, they make a program that is difficult to beat. It is very little you won’t be able to track or examine when using the Ahrefs SEO tool. Now, let’s examine another major strength of the software and the company supplying it.

Ahrefs The Scope Feature

A key advantage of the software and the program as a whole is the sheer scope of it. Ahrefs has a massive database of backlinks that are live across the net. This includes crawling five billion web pages and an index of twelve trillion links. That’s not to mention a further data set of two trillion URLs all working on ten petabytes of storage. What does all this mean for the average user? Essentially, you can be assured that you will have all the information you need to make sure that your campaign is a success. You will be able to examine other businesses online. Hopefully learning from their mistakes and profiting from their losses. As well as this, you’ll be able to build a forever evolving campaign for your clients that will put you ahead of competitors.

Stacking Up Ahrefs To Other SEO Tools

It’s difficult to examine a program without comparing it to the competition. So, let’s have a look at this, first examining the accuracy of the software. If you compare Ahrefs to other SEO tools, you’ll find surprising results. At first, it seems as though Ahrefs has fewer backlinks tracked for a site than other tools. However, a closer examination finds that other SEO tools are tracking dead links. These do nothing for SEO or search ranking. Ahrefs dismisses these links and gives you a more accurate reading. It closely resembles Google’s own data collection. Try this yourself comparing across the board with other tools like Moz. We are confident you will find similar results.

Now let’s look at the different forms of managing backlinks. Managing backlinks mean that you can organize them depending on different traits and characteristics. Again, Ahrefs comes out on top over the competition, simply by a greater number of options. For instance, you can examine lost links and most linked pages as well as several other filters. Other SEO tools have similar filters but they are not quite as expansive as the new Ahrefs tool.

Ahrefs Strengths Feature

Ahrefs SEO tool has several important strengths when you look at it across the board and compare it to other similar tools and software. The first we’ve already mentioned but it’s worth clarifying how important this is. The accuracy of the Ahrefs tool is impressive. It will certainly ensure that you can count on the software to give an honest result for any examined site.

Linking to this strength is the graphic and visualization of the tool dashboard. The Ahrefs tool provides graphics and visualization that are easy to read and understand. Even if you have limited knowledge of how SEO works you will quickly be able to grasp the meaning behind the maths. That said the system isn’t dumbed down and more comprehensive breakdowns are readily available.  

Another strength Ahrefs tool has is one of the main possibilities it offers. Ahrefs doesn’t just allow you to measure and dissect your website, or even your client’s site. It systematically allows you to break down the SEO tendencies or your competition. This easily lets a marketing agency or an individual break down and work out the SEO tactics of their top competitors. By doing this, it’s possible to copy a competitor’s tactics and improve on them. This is the best feature offered by Ahrefs that is not present or particularly focussed on in other SEO tools.

Ahrefs Cost Comparison

There are four major SEO backlink tools on the market right now. When compared with the other three Ahrefs is certainly not the cheapest, if you get the full model. However, if you get the basic package it is. That said, we imagine most marketers will want all the tools and to be fair we will use this package for comparison. The Ahrefs professional plan is the third cheapest SEO tool. But, it’s important to realize that for a little more crash you are getting a lot more tools. We have already shown just how expansive the program is and we think you’ll agree that the cost matches the capability.

Ahrefs Review Conclusion

To conclude then, let’s answer the question you came here for. Is the Ahrefs tool worth your time and money? To help you make this decision we’re going to answer this question for both the private individual and the marketing agency. Each situation comes with different requirements. But we think the Ahrefs tool is a good fit for both. 

For the marketing agency, this tool does come highly recommended. You get a set of programs that will help you keep track of your marketing campaign and learn from your competitors. As well as this, the software offers different packages. This means if you want to increase the power of your campaign you can. For the marketing agency, the biggest strength is that you’ll have accurate data you can discuss with your clients.

For the private individual, the Ahrefs tool could still be a valuable piece of software. While it might take a little time to understand without training, the tool is accessible to SEO beginners. The friendly pricing of the cheaper model should also be seen as a great advantage.

If you try this software out, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Currently, it’s one of the best backlink checking tools on the market.  And its ability to keep track of other businesses gives it a strong advantage over other SEO tools available.

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