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Our extensive experience in iGaming SEO extends to casino operators, sportsbooks, online slots, poker, lottery markets, financials and more. We create bespoke strategies in accordance with your current position and long-term goals, maintaining your brand’s edge over the competition.



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The key to delivering an outstanding ROI lies in understanding the iGaming industry to its core. For over 10 years, Spill Media has been delivering market-leading SEO service packages, helping dozens of leading brands reach the highest levels through enhanced:

01. Research and Planing

Get a data based transparent over view of your key markets

02. Agile Execution

Focus on execution our team is used to high loads work spacks

03. Reporting

Data based decision making progress follow a transperant and clear KPI’s

SEO Consulting

iGaming SEO audit and consultation

We give advanced marketing consulting and audit services as a way to help organizations discover whether and how they need to ramp up their marketing campaigns. We pride ourselves on delivering compelling, digital marketing solutions; thus, allowing our clients to interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way.


We design and deploy tailored organic growth focus SEO projects across all the international markets. Integrate with your organization’s needs with a dedicated marketing team and a clear and transparent budget. 


Regulation within iGaming is here and you can’t build a real marketing strategy without a proper deep understanding of the regulated key market in terms of legislation and compliance. We bring vast experience in designing and developing organic growth focus projects within iGaming regulated markets. 


Our digital media consultancy aims to define a tight, digital marketing strategy that focuses on driving your key business goals. Boosting revenue, increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and communicating better with your customers


We deliver a clear, strategic roadmap with strong deliverables, in order to raise your company’s digital profile. Our experts first assess the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns and use this information to design a new marketing campaign which will leverage the market to meet your key commercial goals.


Our marketing strategies are analytics-driven; based on real-time analytics. We continuously check the health of your online marketing campaigns and make recommendations to improve the results of your digital marketing strategies; resulting in a successful campaign that allows your business to flourish in an ever-changing digital environment.


Our aim is to increase the return on your investment, reduce the cost of sales, and increase your revenue. We design digital media marketing plans which effectively prioritize solutions to provide optimum impact for your business. Our marketing plans will increase traffic to your website; thereby improving your sales figures.

Organic SEO process

Our main verticales are


Market Overview

We outline and draft go to market plan covering the Competitors, Market size, legislation and limititions.

Plan and Budget

We design develop and deploy your affiliate sites within your key market. covering retention and acquisition channels.

Agile Dedicated SEO

We onboard your marketing campaigns or dedicated marketing team covering retention and acquisition channels

Analysys and Rports

We onboard your marketing campaigns or dedicated marketing team covering retention and acquisition channels

iGaming key markets

Key Markets

We Oporate with dedicated online products in a veraity of emerging and regulated markets.

Contact Us

Contact Us

iGaming Marketing Complete managed marketing services

iGaming SEO

SEO is an important tool for any casino operator. SEO helps affiliates drive traffic to their comparison portals and in later stages deliver the best converting traffic to operators. Casino operators need to take control over acquisition channels and eliminate over-dependency in one acquisition channel. With many iGaming markets becoming regulated new operators face, less open markets and more competition from licensed local brands. The more competitive the market the more it will be hard to acquire new players.

Why do Casino operators need to use SEO?

What exactly is SEO marketing and how does it work? SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which is a digital marketing methodology that relies on your website’s visibility in search results on search engines such as Google. With SEO you can employ a variety of strategies to improve your visibility (or rank) in search results.

Online Casino operators can use SEO in the following methods:


  • Optimize the online casino brand site to target the most converting search queries in the market.
  • Protect your brand from competitors and affiliates. Many affiliates will target your brand name and a general money keyword such as a bonus (For example Bet365 welcome bonus) to take traffic in a relatively easy procedure.
  • Create your independent SEO portals take control over acquisition channels, develop your company valuation with more market share and versatile iGaming products and business units.

SEO strategy goes hand in hand with other marketing channels, from PR, Content marketing to land-based activities. A strong well-prepared SEO strategy should utilize all marketing activities to the benefit of the casino brand’s online exposure.


Here is an example of Cross department SEO flow:


PR News – When doing right this type of marketing activity has a huge effect not only on our brand voice but also on our SEO performance.

PR and news are a big part of the day-to-day iGaming industry. Think about it, mergers and acquisitions, New C levels appointments, New Jackpots, New game integrations, and more. A good SEO strategy will be to embed our brand citation in the article and include a referral link to our page within the site. Operators when pan right can develop the right content areas to create strong relevancy and keep the user in mind.

A good SEO is an SEO that is based on the product and a deep understanding of the pillars in the verticals and the product itself. From Offer types to games types the iGaming content world is rich and can be harnessed to drive more converting traffic to the brand site.

SEO Process Overview

SEO is a set of procedures and guidelines to follow to optimize your online assets to Search engines. The vertical is not important! If it is a Travel company, E-commerce, or an online Casino.

The SEO process is divided into six main stages: research, competitor analysis, current state evaluation, and keyword searching. Planning and strategy, including decisions on how to handle content, develop links to the website, manage social media presence, and apply technological methods.

SEO Process For Online Casino Operators

Market Research – Allow us to analyze the market and competitors and evaluate the volume and popularity of our gaming products by market and type. We can also learn about competitor activities top pages and gaming content. So Good research can provide a reliable benchmark.

On-Site Optimization – Make sure your online product is Optimized and user-friendly. Utilize your content type to build a strong clear brand voice ( Look at 888 Casino blog as one of the best examples).

Analysis – Give us an overview and help us with player segmentation. We know what our Players are searching for and can adapt our content accordingly

SEO Ranking Factor Distribution

When it comes to search engine optimization, search engines like Google rely on over 200 ranking variables (SEO). To prevent spammers from influencing search results, most search engines do not publish a detailed breakdown of their ranking components or the weight of those elements. This list of SEO ranking variables covers both verified elements and those that are thought (through research) to impact search engine rankings.

SEO E-A-T Trust is important to Google Not only to your players

Google is investing all the time in improving the quality of search results and protecting its users from bad or dangerous experiences. It is all about trust! Popular Brands such as Bet365 or 888 Casino have a strong brand voice that contributes directly to the brand trust and authority when processed by Google Sorting and extracting algorithm.

What exactly is E-A-T and why is it crucial for Casino Brand SEO?

Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are abbreviated as E-A-T. The idea stems from Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines, and it gained popularity following the notorious Medic Update in August 2018. E-A-T is one of the factors that Google considers when determining the overall quality of a web page. What is the significance of E-A-T in SEO?

New Online Casino Brand SEO Factors to look at

SEO seeks to enhance your website’s rating in search results. However, the success of your SEO is dependent on a few essential criteria or signals that a search engine expects from your website.

When it comes to search engine optimization, search engines like Google rely on over 200 ranking variables (SEO). With the quick speed of algorithm updates, it’s difficult to keep on top of the most updated and critical SEO elements. Content, user experience, site layout, linkages, and reputation are all important indications. All of these ranking variables must function in tandem. This is the purpose of the SEO Periodic table. It has all of the necessary indications as well as warning indicators to aid in the effectiveness of SEO.

SEO Domain Factors SEO Factor Importance
SEO Page-Level Factors High Importance
SEO Site-Level Factors High Importance
Backlink Factors High Importance
User Interaction High Importance
Special Google Algorithm Rules High Importance
Brand Signals High Importance
On-Site Webspam Factors High Importance
Off-Site Webspam Factors High Importance
Domain Factors
Your domain age High Importance
Keyword in your domain High Importance
The keyword is the first word in your domain High Importance
Domain registration length High Importance
Keyword in subdomain High Importance
Domain history High Importance
Penalized Whois owner High Importance
Public WhoIs instead of private Whois High Importance
Page-Level Factors High Importance
Presence of the keyword in the title tag High Importance
Having the keyword at the beginning of your title tag Low Importance
Keyword in your meta description tag High Importance
Presence of the keyword in the H1 tag High Importance
The keyword is frequently used in the content High Importance
Content length High Importance
Word count rankings Low Importance
Presence of a linked table of contents High Importance
Keyword density Low Importance
Presence of semantically related keywords Critical
Semantically related keyword in meta title and description Critical
In-depth quality content Critical
Useful content Critical
Page loading speed via HTML Critical
Page loading speed tested on Chrome Critical
Core web vitals Critical
No duplicate content on the same site Critical
Image optimization through ALT, title, and file name High Importance
Content recency (the newer, the better) High Importance
Page age High Importance
How many edits were made to the content during updates High Importance
Historical data on-page updates High Importance
Proper use of rel=canonical Critical
Presence of keywords in H2 and H3 tags High Importance
Presence of keyword in the first 100 words High Importance
Grammar and spelling Critical
The originality of the page’s content Critical
Entity match High Importance
Number of outbound links High Importance
Mobile useability and optimization High Importance
Hidden content on mobile (may not be indexed) High Importance
Page optimized for mobile High Importance
The presence of multimedia, for example, images and videos Critical
Number of outbound links High Importance
The quality of outbound links Critical
The theme of outbound links High Importance
Presence of helpful supplementary content, like free tools and calculators High Importance
Content hidden behind tabs (it may not be indexed and wouldn’t show up in search snippets) High Importance
Number of internal links pointing to the page High Importance
Quality of the internal links High Importance
Presence of too many broken links (could lower-ranking capabilities) High Importance
The reading level of the page High Importance
Presence of many affiliate links High Importance
Presence of many HTML errors High Importance
Authority/trust-level of the domain High Importance
PageRank High Importance
Length of URL High Importance
The closeness of URL to the homepage High Importance
Presence of keyword in URL High Importance
Opinion of human editors High Importance
Relevance of page’s category to a page High Importance
Content formatting for user-friendliness and readability High Importance
Priority of the page in the sitemap.xml High Importance
UX signal from pages ranking for the same keyword High Importance
Citing references and sources High Importance
Use of a user-friendly layout High Importance
URL string in Google search engine results High Importance
Internal link anchor text to the page High Importance
Use of structured data High Importance
Site-level factors
Presence of a contact us page or appropriate amount of contact information High Importance
Content on site provides value or new insights High Importance
TrustRank (how close your site is to a known and trusted site in terms of linking) High Importance
Website updates for freshness factor High Importance
Site architecture High Importance
Presence of a sitemap High Importance
Long-term site downtime High Importance
Location of server High Importance
HTTPS / use of a valid SSL certificate High Importance
Presence of legal pages (terms and conditions and privacy policy) High Importance
Unique metadata High Importance
Use of breadcrumb markup High Importance
Site-wide mobile optimization High Importance
Site-wide user-friendliness (usability and interactiveness) High Importance
High Importance
Bounce rate High Importance
Domain authority High Importance
User reviews High Importance
Site reputation High Importance
Backlink factors
Age of linking domain High Importance
Number of referring domains High Importance
Number of links from separate c-class IPs High Importance
Number of referring pages High Importance
Anchor text of backlinks High Importance
ALT tag of image links High Importance
Number of links from .edu and .gov domains High Importance
The trust factor of linking page High Importance
The trust factor of linking domain High Importance
Presence of links from competitors High Importance
Number of links from expected sites in your industry High Importance
Links from bad neighborhoods High Importance
Number of links that are not from ads High Importance
Country TLD of referring domains High Importance
Domain authority High Importance
Presence of some Nofollow links High Importance
Diversity of link profile High Importance
Context of content the content of a linking page High Importance
Presence of more follow links that sponsored or UGC High Importance
Lots of backlinks to URL with 301 redirects High Importance
The text that appears when you hover over a link High Importance
Link location on the page High Importance
Location of link in content High Importance
Links from relevant domains High Importance
Links from relevant pages High Importance
Presence of your page’s keyword in the title of the linking page High Importance
The natural rate of growth in the number of links High Importance
Spiky and unnatural rate of growth in the number of links High Importance
Links from top resources on a certain topic or hubs High Importance
Number of links from sites that are considered authority sites High Importance
Linked as a source in a Wikipedia article High Importance
Words around your backlinks High Importance
Backlink age High Importance
Links from real sites vs fake blogs High Importance
Natural link profile High Importance
Excessive reciprocal links High Importance
Links in real content vs. UGC High Importance
Backlinks from a page with a 301 redirect High Importance
TrustRank of linking site High Importance
Fewer outbound links on the linking page High Importance
Links in real content vs links in forums High Importance
Bounce rate High Importance
Word count of linking content High Importance
Quality of linking content High Importance
Sitewide links = one link High Importance
User Interaction
Organic click-through rate for an exact keyword High Importance
Organic click-through rates for all ranking keywords High Importance
Dwell time High Importance
Measurement of how users interact on your site based on RankBrain High Importance
Total direct traffic High Importance
Percentage of repeat visitors High Importance
Blocked sites High Importance
Percentage of visitors that click on other pages on the SERP after clicking visiting your page High Importance
Page frequently bookmarked by Chrome users High Importance
Number of comments on the page High Importance
Special Google Algorithm Rules
Need for diversity in the SERP High Importance
Need for freshness in the SERP High Importance
Browsing history of user High Importance
Search history of user High Importance
Succinct answers, formatting, page authority, and HTTPS for featured snippets High Importance
Geo-targeting High Importance
Adult content or curse words (excluded from safe search results) High Importance
High content quality standards for YMYL keywords High Importance
Legitimate DMCA complaints High Importance
Need for domain diversity in SERP High Importance
Transactional searches High Importance
Local search results High Importance
Presence of news stories related to keyword for Top Stories box High Importance
Search intent High Importance
Presence of big brands with relevant content (they are often ranked higher) High Importance
Presence of results optimized for Google Shopping High Importance
Image results High Importance
Branded search High Importance
Easter eggs and April Fools’ Day jokes and hoaxes from Google (this one makes me laugh) High Importance
Spammy queries High Importance
Spammy sites High Importance
Brand Signals
Brand + keyword searches (for example, Hubspot SEO) High Importance
Branded anchor text High Importance
Twitter profile with followers High Importance
Official LinkedIn page High Importance
Facebook page with lots of likes High Importance
Branded searches High Importance
Known author or verified online profile High Importance
Real social media accounts High Importance
Top stories with brand mentions High Importance
Brand mentions without links High Importance
The physical location of offices High Importance
On-site Web
Low-quality content High Importance
Links to bad neighborhoods High Importance
Multiple and sneaky redirects High Importance
Flagged server IP address High Importance
Distracting ads and popups High Importance
Popups that are spammy and difficult to close High Importance
Over-optimizing the site High Importance
Gibberish content High Importance
Use of doorway pages High Importance
Lots of ads above the fold and not much content High Importance
Hiding affiliate links High Importance
Low-value content sites High Importance
Affiliate sites High Importance
Keyword stuffing in meta tags High Importance
Compute generated content High Importance
No following all outbound links High Importance
Off-site Webspam Factors
An unnatural and sudden increase in backlinks High Importance
Hacked site High Importance
Lots of low-quality backlinks High Importance
A high percentage of links from unrelated websites High Importance
Low-quality directory links High Importance
Automatic links in widgets High Importance
Links from sites with the same server IP High Importance
Using “poison” in your anchor text High Importance
Ignored manual actions in search console High Importance
Selling links High Importance
Temporary link schemes High Importance

What exactly is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is the process of assisting a website or piece of content to rank higher on Google. To put it simply, search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a piece of online content so that search engines like Google display it towards the top of the page when someone searches for something. Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of internet traffic from search engines to a website or web page. SEO focuses on unpaid traffic rather than direct or sponsored visitors.

What exactly is PBN and how does it work?

iGaming PBN – A PBN is a collection of websites that are used to generate links (and hence authority) to a single website in order to manipulate search engine results. This strategy is comparable to a link wheel or link pyramid in that it includes the connecting of multiple separate websites to one another or to a central page.

Is PBN beneficial for SEO?

PBNs may be so successful at generating these backlinks that one firm saw a significant improvement in its rankings after partnering with a private blog network. So, can PBNs help you improve your SEO? Without a doubt, they can. That is why they are used by so many marketers at some time.

How can you confirm the existence of PBN?

PBNs often utilize low-quality photos and/or material, so pay attention out for this. Spend some time evaluating the website and use your judgment to determine if the information has been prepared sincerely for readers. If you have any doubts about it, you are most likely dealing with a PBN.

What is a private blog network (PBN) backlink?

Backlinks from a PBN (private blog network) are hyperlinks created from a network of linked websites and blogs. Generally, all of these sites are controlled by the same person, who uses them to generate traffic to their money site. Additionally, they have the option of selling PBN connections to other website owners for additional profit.

How can I create a PBN on my own?

How to Create a Private Blog Network in 2020 – The Ultimate Guide
Discover premium expired domains that are effective, relevant, and spam-free.
Create an effective PBN that leaves no trace.
Utilize a PBN in the “proper” manner to boost your ranks.
Utilize a precise, repeatable approach (with my procedures)

What is the algorithm Rank Brain?

Google acknowledged the implementation of RankBrain, a machine learning-based search engine algorithm, on 26 October 2015. It assists Google in processing search results and providing users with more relevant search results.

What does PBN hosting entail?

PBN Hosting is a type of web running that was created primarily to assist SEOs in hosting a private blog network securely and discreetly. By guaranteeing that the sites in your link network cannot be connected, you may link to your money site securely and enjoy greater Google results.

What constitutes a satisfactory page speed?

If you want a fast solution, Google recommends a page load time of fewer than two seconds: “Two seconds is the acceptable threshold for a Casino website.” At Google, we strive for a response time of less than a half-second.” Rapid response is critical, even more so when it comes to customer service.

What is the definition of SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of increasing the visibility of web pages in search engines like Google. Because search is one of the most common methods for individuals to find information online, ranking better in search engines may result in more visitors to a website.

How does SEO operate step by step?

With that in mind, here are the stages to developing an SEO strategy in 2021:
Step 1: Make a list of keywords.
Step 2: Examine Google’s, First Page.
Step 3: Make Something Different or Better.
Step 4: Add a Hook.
Step 5: Optimize for On-Page SEO.
Step 6: Optimize for Search Intent.
Step #7: Concentrate on Content Design.

What exactly is on-page SEO, and what are its many types?

On-Page SEO refers to all of the steps you take to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs).
Off-Page SEO refers to everything you do outside of your site to improve your ranking and position in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

What method do you use to conduct keyword research?

How to Conduct Keyword Research for Your SEO Plan
Step 1: Based on what you know about your firm, make a list of key, relevant subjects.
Step 2: Insert keywords into those subject categories.
Step 3: Recognize and Analyze the Effects of Intent on Keyword Research.
Step 4: Conduct keyword research.

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