The Rise of an Aussie Crypto-based Gambling Site, founded in 2017 by Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani, has become the world’s seventh-largest gambling group by revenues, according to Regulus Partners. Despite its success, the platform has faced scrutiny and lawsuits. However, it continues to attract high rollers from across the globe, drawn by the anonymity of betting with cryptocurrency.

Sure, here’s a table with some information about’s company info and C-level executives:

Company Information
Company Name
Year Founded 2017
Headquarters Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Industry Online Gambling/Crypto Gambling
Estimated Revenue $2.6 billion (2021)
Number of Employees 370

C-Level Executives

C-Level Executives
CEO Ed Craven
Co-Founder Bijan Tehrani
Chief Marketing Milan Jovancevic
Chief Product Officer Milan Djurmez
Head of VIP Danilo Dragovic
Head of Operations Milica Ristic
Head of Customer Support David Krajinovic grew from humble beginnings. Its founders experimented with gambling in a virtual world, inviting other players to bet digital gold coins, before being banned. They created their first online betting site in 2013, funded by early cryptocurrency investments when Bitcoin was priced below $20. In 2017, they launched, offering casino games and sports betting.

Lavish marketing spending was crucial to’s growth and to overcome the “difficult stigma” of a platform mixing cryptocurrency and gambling. High-profile sponsorships and celebrity endorsements, including a $100mn a year deal with Drake, have also helped the platform overcome more established competitors.

Craven hosts a weekly two-hour live stream to answer customer queries, and the platform’s 370 staff cater to VIP and “super” VIP gamblers, a core part of its business that remains directly under Craven’s oversight. However, the business’s success has attracted lawsuits, including a $400mn claim from a former business partner who alleges the founders stole his ideas and bullied him out of the company.

Despite these issues,’s gross gaming revenue has skyrocketed from $105mn in 2020 to nearly $2.6bn in 2021. The platform continues to attract high rollers from around the world, drawn by the anonymity of cryptocurrency and the company’s trusted brand.’s founders hope that their platform will continue to grow, despite the legal battles they face.

In conclusion,’s success is a testament to the power of cryptocurrency and savvy marketing. Despite its controversies, the platform has managed to attract high rollers from across the globe and establish itself as a significant player in the gambling industry. Only time will tell what the future holds for, but it is clear that the platform’s success has not gone unnoticed.

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